This Purolator Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce provides integration with Purolator Webservices and your WooCommerce website. It is able to provide live shipping rates directly to your customers in their shopping cart as well as at checkout. It, also provides up-to-date package information from Purolator’s Parcel Tracking service. This plugin is fully bilingual in English and Français (French) and is compatible with WPML, a multilingual plugin for WordPress. It can be used to ship within Canada as well as Worldwide.

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Parcel Tracking Service

Package Tracking is available when you enter the PIN (Parcel Identification Number) or Tracking Number into the customers order details. This plugin will automatically look up the most recent and up to date event information available for your order from Purolator on a daily basis. You can set an automatic email notification to be sent to your customer when the package is mailed or delivered. The tracking information can be set to allow your customer to receive up to date information on their order either as an email notification and/or at your customer order page.

Live Shipping Rates in the Shopping Cart

This shipping plugin uses the product’s weight and dimensions to calculate the most accurate shipping rates. For the rates to work, product weight is required but product dimensions are optional. The shipping cost can be calculated with boxes, if configured.  If desired there is the option to add a mark-up rate to shipping charges.

You are able to choose which services from Purolator you want to offer your customer (ie. Purolator Ground, Purolator Express, Purolator Express 9AM, etc).  There is also an option available to add additional handling time if needed. The shipping charges will be calculated and displayed using current and live rates directly from Purolator. 

An additional feature gives you the option to set up Flat Rates; which gives you the ability to set a flat rate for standard envelopes or parcels that you use for shipping.  

Multilingual / Bilingual English and Français (French)

Shipping rates and information from Purolator can be shown in English or Français (French). This is set by your WordPress installation or WPML language selection. The plugin includes a language file for French (fr_FR), which provides full French translation for all admin screens and labels. Note: Support communication and documentation is currently only in English.

Purolator Services Available

  • Purolator Ground
  • Purolator Express
  • Purolator Express 9AM
  • Purolator Express 10:30AM
  • Purolator Ground 9AM
  • Purolator Ground 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express International
  • Purolator Express U.S.
  • Purolator Ground U.S.

Summary of Features

  • Live accurate shipping rates directly in Woocommerce shopping cart and checkout page
  • Parcel Tracking: Updates your order with Parcel Tracking details when a PIN/Tracking number is added
  • Ability to add a markup/margin to shipping rates
  • Uses Purolator’s new Web Services for speed and stability
  • Ability to use Shipment Boxes in rates calculation
  • Bilingual option in English and French (Translation-ready with Language files (.po/.mo))
  • Requires a Purolator Business Account and Purolator Developer API Account (free) – You can simply sign-up online at Purolator eShip Webservices Program

Software Requirements

  • WordPress 3.0 + with WooCommerce 2.0 +
  • PHP cURL enabled (with outgoing Firewall configured if required)
  • Purolator Account with API Access (free)
  • PHP SimpleXML  (enabled by default in most PHP setups)


Version 1.1

  • Feature added to Validate API Credentials from settings page
  • Shipping calculation works with products that have weight only (no dimensions)
  • Rates are are sorted by cost from lowest to highest (ascending).
  • Plugin is now fully English and French and supports WPML Multi-language plugin
  • Bugfixes and code improvements

Version 1.0

  • Supports WooCommerce 2.0+
  • Initial Release


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