We are proud to announce one of the best Pinterest type script. This is one of the most advanced yet easy to install pin board style website. The script supports responsive layout, animated gifs, pin from external websites, user uploaded pins, advance admin panel, etc. Read on to explore more:


  • Pin from other websites
  • User upload pins
  • User pin boards follow
  • Supports animated Gifs
  • Pins can be categorized
  • Fully ajax

Social Network Features:

  • Login with built-in system, Facebook or Google
  • Built-in like functionality
  • Built-in follow/unfollow functionality
  • Share with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc

User Features:

  • User registration
  • Login with facebook/google+
  • Forgot and change password option
  • Users can like each other’s pins

Admin Features

  • Manage users
  • Manage Pins
    • Approve/disapprove Pin
    • Delete Pins
  • Manage Pages
    • Create new pages
    • Choose display position header/footer
    • Set display order
    • Make pages visible/invisible
  • Website settings
    • Social network settings
    • Advertisement settings

Technical Features

  • Made on Yii Framework which is the best PHP MVC framework
  • Frontend made on Twitter Bootsrap which is the best CSS framework
  • Totally written in Object Oriented Programming and best practices
  • Clean and manageable code
  • Scaleable
  • Easy to customise and extend
  • Secure
  • Application written by Zend PHP 5.3 certified engineer

Admin Panel Demo:

admin panel: http://demo.pinscriptpro.com/admin/default
user: admin
password: 123456

* Please do not use this script for adultery, gambling and other illegal and unethical purpose. In such case no support will be provided

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