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  • BuddyPress Ready

    Fully buddyPress ready with complete styling to give BuddyPress on MediaEdge a completely new and fresh feeling.

  • Logo Settings

    Quickly swap out the logo with your own unique branding and take advantage of the full Google Fonts Libary.

  • Easy to use Page Builder

    Easily drag and drop widgets around the page with complete control over the way you want your pages to display.

  • News Widgets

    Choose the categories to use, the tags, and even add in an “All Articles” tab if you would like, it’s that easy.

  • Featured Slider Widgets

    Create separate sliders for each page, or one for all of them. You have total control.

  • Promotion Row Widgets

    Need to promote some stories? Use the Promo Row Widget to easily add interactive links to those stories with pictures, title, and descriptions.

  • Video Carousel Widgets

    Make it easy for your users to find videos on your site in this ever growing video media world.

  • Flexible Article Like System

    Let users, guests or even both have the option to like your articles to bring out the best content on your site.

  • Custom Widgets
  • Easy to use Shortcodes
  • Easy to use Custom Page Template
  • Custom 404 page
  • Coming Soon page
  • WordPress 3.6 Ready
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • And Much More, Check out the preview!
£10 off in stock models
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