Infy slider is truly responsive slider plugin for wordpress, is developed keeping mobile first to focus. Plugin will give you facility to hide or change elements style separately for desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Separate settings for desktop, tablet and mobile

Handle each device separately. Remove elements which are not suitable for smaller devices. Can create different animation for each devices

65+ Transaction Effects

Out of which 20+ 3D effects. Break 3D background image with cols, velocity and facecolor options

Backup Transaction Available

In-case browser does not support the main transaction effect. e.g. IE8,IE9

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Move slide to any Slider

Publish single slide or choose multiple slides and make a slider. So it makes easy to add or remove any slide from a slider

3 Navigation Types Available: Left Right Nav, Dots Nav and Thumbnails Nav

Choose from in-build style or make your own style with custom class option

Overwrite Slider Background / Keep Similar Background

Want similar background for all slides? Assign background in slider background settings.

Other Features

Autocomplete css

Handle detailed animation with easing effect, animation time, easing time and delay time

Start slider from any slider (Out of 4 slide you can make slide 3 load first)

Lock element position while editing

Duplicate element available

Give link to element

Disable element if not require in preview (Will hide in preview)

Layer Show/Hide option

Touch Swipe Enable/Disable Available

Keyboard Nav Enable/Disable Available

Pause on Mouseover Available

Autoplay with Autoplay Timing Available

In-build Autoplay Progressbar Available

And many more powerful features that you can use to make your slider work excellent.

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