Here you can see a video using the kit:

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

This kit include:

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin
  • -Background (4307×4000 px): PSD (layered) PNG format.
  • -Player: Idle animation, walk animation, run animation, hurt animation, jump animation
  • -Slime: walk animation, dead animation, attack animation, shoot
  • -Bat: walk animation, dead animation
  • -Animated objects: chest, gem, coin
  • -Tileset
  • -Example Image (what you can do with the HD Platform Game Kit)
£10 off in stock models
Extra £10 off selected Stock Models: RW52DASS, RL56GWGBP, WMSL501P, FDEB31010G, FDEL31010G, FDEL31010P, WMUD942G, HUE61PS, DHS53XS, HUE52GS, FQ115T001, RR82PDRS, WF80F5E0W2W, DWFN320W

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