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Coloring Book – HTML5 Game

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This game is a coloring game and can be very interesting for children. It has 9 pictures (each time 6 of them are shown randomly) and you can choose one of them and then paint it. You have 24 colors and you can also change the size of pens. You can change the size of pen by scrolling mouse’s will or touching its icon on the screen. It is compatible with touch devices and has auto-resizing feature.

How to Play:

You can use mouse or touch for picking pens with different colors and use them for coloring the pictures. You can also use eraser if you made any mistake.

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» Supports touch
» Includes 24 colors
» High resolution (1024*768)
» Works On all HTML5 browsers
» Ability to change logo, coloring book pictures and etc.
» Autoresize feature (responsive)
» Ability to personalize the game’s appearance

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