What is Blogger?

Blogger is a turnkey blogging platform, after installing Blogger, your site visitors will be able to create a blog and will be able to fully manage it from a private admin panel.

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You can use blogger for a closed community like schools, family, clients.. Or provide a public blog hosting service.

Features List:

- Responsive (Built with bootstrap 3)
- WYSISYG Editor for rich blog post editing
- Safe (Uses advanced techniques against xss attacks and sql injection)
- Search engine optimized (url, title, meta tags, meta description, … etc)
- Full control for blog author (edit personal info, avatar, blog info, blog image, ..etc)
- Video embedding support
- Full control for site owner (ban users, allow blogs)
- Password retrieval with mailer
- Images library
- And it’s fun!

Admin Panel

Blog Settings & Info

blog admin - general settings

Author Settings & Info

blog admin - author settings

Blog Editor

blog admin - blog wysiwyg editor

Blog Post

sample blog post


You can create your blogger account in the demo, or you can use the preset demo account:

blog name: theblog
password: password123

Slider Revolution WordPress PluginSlider Revolution WordPress Plugin


fix tinymce bug (WYSIWYG editor)

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