BlashForms is clean and sleek CSS forms with modern design. With including PSDs you can customize according to your teste. In addition, also equipped with cool effects using jQuery tooltip if there is an error in data entry.

£10 off in stock models
Extra £10 off selected Stock Models: RW52DASS, RL56GWGBP, WMSL501P, FDEB31010G, FDEL31010G, FDEL31010P, WMUD942G, HUE61PS, DHS53XS, HUE52GS, FQ115T001, RR82PDRS, WF80F5E0W2W, DWFN320W

And these complete features of BlashForms:

  1. Valid HTML & CSS.
  2. 3 Different page types (sign in, sign up, reset password).
  3. Clean, awesome and modern design.
  4. Including PSDs to customize.
  5. Using tooltip effects to error handling.
  6. Custom styles to Button, Checkbox, Radio & Select.
  7. Support to all major browsers.

Dont forget to be rated this. If you have a question about this, feel free to contact me. Thanks to purchasing! :)

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