Files Included:

  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR Starling V3.1 sample project)
  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR Starling V4.1 sample project)
  • .as (source codes)
  • asDoc type Documentation

Browser based sample

Sample Android App

Sample iOS App

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Tired of being ordinary? Use this Lightweight AS3 Library to create creative menus in your Starling apps or games.

Important Features:

  • create an atlas from your menu graphics and feed the class with it
  • you may also add items to the menu using textures
  • you’ll have event dispatchers to know which item is clicked
  • Menu fits itself wisly on different devices and ressolutions
  • when you dispose the menu, you can be sure that everything is smartly marked for garbage collection
  • it supports Starling V1.3 and V1.4

Please check the Java version of this Circle Menu for Android here

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