Files Included:

  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR Starling V3.1 sample project)
  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR Starling V4.1 sample project)
  • .as (source codes)
  • asDoc type Documentation

Browser based sample

Sample Android App

Sample iOS App

anyoption binary optionsSlider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Tired of being ordinary? Use this Lightweight AS3 Library to create creative menus in your Starling apps or games.

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Important Features:

  • create an atlas from your menu graphics and feed the class with it
  • you may also add items to the menu using textures
  • you’ll have event dispatchers to know which item is clicked
  • Menu fits itself wisly on different devices and ressolutions
  • when you dispose the menu, you can be sure that everything is smartly marked for garbage collection
  • it supports Starling V1.3 and V1.4

Please check the Java version of this Circle Menu for Android here

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

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